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Is it safe to come on holiday to Lignano Sabbiadoro, Pineta, Riviera?

In these locations all our apartments and villas are taking measures of cleaning and sanitizing to ensure maximum safety for everyone in compliance with the directives of the health authorities.

What to do before arriving at the agency?

To speed up the check-in procedures at the agency, we strongly recommend you to complete online the notification form with personal data of the holiday owner and all family members (children and infants included), accessing the link sent to the reserved area. In this way the stay inside the agency will be reduced to the only payment and the delivery of the keys which will be sanitized at each customer change.

How are the arrival procedures (check-in) carried out at our agency?

Access to the agency is only allowed to one member of the family with a protective mask, who must at the entrance sanitize the hands with a special gel provided. If you have symptoms of fever, flu or if you know that you have been in contact with people who are potentially positive for Corona Virus in the last 14 days, you are not allowed to enter the agency and apartments and please let us know so that we can find a solution together. During the check-in we ask you to keep the social distance of one metre. Staff shall be equipped with personal protective equipment and shall be trained and aware of the measures envisaged by the competent health authorities.

How will the cleaning of the apartments be handled?

The protocol of cleaning and sanitization of our apartments has been integrated with the instructions of the Ministry of Health: a thorough cleaning and sanitizing of surfaces, furnishings and floors with disinfectants and specific products is carried out. The bed linen and towels rented from Eureka Welcome Agency are always sterilized by washing at our industrial laundry which is certified by the R. A. B. C biocontamination control system. The mattress covers and pillowcases we use are made of disposable tnt and are replaced every time customer change; accessory equipment such as cribs for children will also be sanitized and disinfected at every change.

How will the maintenance be carried out in the apartments?

If maintenance or repairs are required, our trained staff, equipped with a mask and hand gel, will intervene respecting the interpersonal distances. It is preferable that small maintenance and/or repairs, where possible, be carried out in the absence of the customer. Our maintenance technicians are exclusively employees of the Eureka Welcome agency and give the highest guarantee of reliability.

Will the pools be open? What security measures will be taken?

The swimming pools will be open regularly and their deck chairs and sunbeds, where possible, should be positioned in such a way as to guarantee a social distance of at least 1. 5 metres between people from different families. The water treatments of the pool will be scrupulously adapted to the protection protocols for safe bathing. It is compulsory for very young children to use the container nappies. Always remember not to leave towels, deck chairs and sunbeds unattended/unused when you are away and not even when the pool is closed.

When is it mandatory to wear a protective mask?

The use of the mask is mandatory in closed public places, lifts, bars, restaurants, pizzerias, shops in general. In bars and restaurants, the mask can be removed when you sit down at your table. On the beach, while respecting the distance, if you are sitting or lying down, it is not necessary to wear the mask either under the umbrella or in the occupied area in the free zone. Walking along the shoreline and entering or leaving the beach along the way indicated entrance/exit is mandatory to wear the mask.

Is it possible to book the beach service?

In all the beaches you can book the beach umbrella. It is advisable to consult the website where you can choose the nearest beach office to the house where you will be staying.

How will the equipped beaches be organised?

The beach places will be more spaced apart, guaranteeing an area of at least 12 square meters per umbrella. The positioning of sunbeds and deckchairs will always ensure a distance of at least 1. 5 metres between different families. Frequent cleaning and disinfection of common areas such as cash register, changing rooms, cabins, toilets, showers, etc. will be guaranteed. Activities on the beach such as walks, children’s games will be allowed as long as it is ensured that people who do not belong to the same family group are kept at least one metre distance. The constantly trained staff is equipped with masks and hygienic gel. Equipment such as sun loungers and umbrellas are sanitized at every change of person and at every end of the day.

Will it be possible to access the free beaches?

The free beach areas will always be accessible in accordance with the interpersonal distance of at least one metre, guaranteeing an area of at least 12 square metres per family group. Individual sports such as tennis, swimming, surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing are allowed, subject to interpersonal distance measures, while group sports activities are not allowed, which may give rise to crowding.

Will children’s play areas be accessible?

The play areas will be accessible with an invitation to keep at least one metre distance between children except members of the same family.

Will bars, pizzerias and restaurants be open?

The restaurant and entertainment activities will be open with strict respect for social distancing, placing tables in an appropriate way and adopting the measures of hygiene and sanitation required by the legislation.


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