Levante: Outside

Levante – C39

Levante - C39

Apartment block ideally situated in front of the sea and only few steps to the beach. Laundry room with washing machine free of charge. The beach service is not included in the price. The next beach office is number 1 (Granchio).

Living room

Living room – Appartamento: 1, 2, 7, 8


Kitchen – Appartamento: 1, 2, 7, 8


Room – Appartamento: 1, 2, 7, 8

Camera 2

Camera 2 – Appartamento: 1, 2, 7, 8


Bathroom – Appartamento: 1, 2, 7, 8


Terrace – Appartamento: 1, 2, 7, 8


Outside – Appartamento: 1, 2, 7, 8

Parking Space


Parking Space – Appartamento: 1, 2, 7, 8

Zone: Sabbiadoro

Via M.Adamello, 14

distance from the sea: 140 mt

Beds: 7

Typology: Three-room apartment

Apartments consist of living room with separated cooking area, tv and microwave, double sofa-bed, three bedded room, twin bedroom, shower box/bidet/wc, balcony with table and chairs and two parking places (one covered). Air conditioning, wi-fi and final cleaning are included in the price. In the rental rules of the agency are mentioned all the above written service’s ways. Parking place size: 4,20×3,10×1,95

Global Energy Performance Index (EPGL): G

Our services

  • Air conditioning
  • Common garden
  • Covered parking
  • Microwave
  • Modern furnishings
  • Parking
  • TV
  • Washing machine
  • Wi-Fi

Rental rules


( consists of 9 articles from n°1 to n°9)

IMPORTANT NOTICE -The agency rents the apartments only to families, therefore groups are not accepted. If on the day of arrival a group of people arrives at the agency as a tenant, the agency may arbitrarily refuse to hand over the keys and withhold the paid deposit and demand the balance of the contract as damage for the non-occupancy of the reserved apartment.


  1. Bookings

The booking becomes binding for the agency only after receiving the confirmatory deposit (art. 1385 of the civil code) indicated in the online booking form. The confirmatory deposit must be received by the agency within the indicated deadline, under penalty of automatic cancellation of the reservation. If the agency receives the deposit after the expiry date and the booked apartment is no longer available, the agency will look for an alternative solution, but if this is not possible or not appreciated by the customer, the agency will carry out the the reimbursement of the entire amount of the confirmatory deposit withholding only the agency fees equal to 20.00 euros. The reservation of the stay is made through IT supports provided by third parties or companies outside the agency and it may happen that the booked stay is accidentally not actually available; in this case, in the 24 hours following the booking, the agency will give the customer written notice of the cancellation of the same and if the confirmatory deposit has been paid, the agency will immediately refund the amount paid without any additional expenses for the customer.

  1. Availability
    A. Arrival: (check-in) takes place at the Agency Eureka Welcome , in viale Europa 11 in Lignano Sabbiadoro. To collect the keys, the customer must pay the balance of the holiday and the tourist tax by choosing between cash, credit card (Visa/Master-card circuit only) or debit card (both bank and cashier’s checks are not accepted) and pay the security deposit of 100.00 euros exclusively in cash, which will be refunded on departure.
    B. Key delivery: the accommodation is made available between 16.00 and 19.30 on the day of arrival as soon as the cleaning after the previous tenant has been completed.
    C. Late arrivals: require prior written agreements only by e-mail and are possible until 22.30 involving a supplement of 30.00 euros due to the increase in costs for managing the agency’s personnel. In case of late arrival or early departure no refund is due.
    D. Departure (check-out): the keys and remote controls must be returned to the agency without exception between 8.30 and 9.30 in the morning on the day of departure, leaving the apartment in the conditions indicated below in point: 3. Price – paragraph B: light cleaning. Delayed departure involves the payment of a penalty equal to one night. If the customer does not clear the apartment of his possessions by 11.00 on the day of departure, the staff appointed by the agency will clear the apartment by bringing the customer’s goods to the agency and charging the relative costs of the aforementioned move.
  1. Price –
    A. In the computation of the letting period, will calculate the number of the nights
    B. The price includes: furnished accommodation complete with furniture, television, cutlery, crockery, cushions and synthetic summer duvets (there are no woolen blankets) – use of the safety deposit box where present – normal gas consumption, hot and cold water, electricity, energy consumption of the air conditioners which turn off automatically after 90 minutes and start again using the supplied remote control – intervention for minor maintenance (the latter is performed within 24 hours from the reporting of the fault/s) through maintenance technicians qualified and authorized by the agency and by the client (with the acceptance of this regulation to enter the apartment even in the absence of the client) – the “light cleaning”which consists of rearranging the apartment, replacing the mattress covers and pillowcases and cleaning and sanitizing of the surfaces by the agency for the next client, so the outgoing client is obliged to return upon departure, the ordered apartment as it was delivered to him (defrosted refrigerator, without garbage and repositioning of the furniture at the start of the stay where beds and sofas or other furniture have been moved). If the customer disregards this obligation, the agency will retain from deposit 50.00 euros regardless of the size of the apartment.
    C. The price DOES NOT include: beach service, iron and ironing board, hairdryer, tablecloths, sheets and towels while if the customer needs them, even if not included in the price, bed linen, towels and a baby cot can be rented from the agency upon reservation (see point 4. Accessories).
  1. Extras

The main paid accessories are exactly: baby cots, sheets and towels; these can be booked directly on the online contract up to a week before arrival. Those who book one or more of these in the appropriate space of the contract dedicated to accessories and do not use them, are still required to pay for them as the agency bears an increase in management costs. If for reasons not attributable to the agency or serious organizational reasons or force majeure, a booked option is not provided within the terms, the customer will not be required to pay the expected amount and nothing else will be due to him, only reimbursement of the ancillary expense where already paid.

  1. Pets

Dogs and cats are allowed in the apartments marked in the internet catalog with the dog symbol. The animals can be of small or medium size and in any case no more than 20 kg. If the agency ascertains the presence of animals in apartments in which they are not allowed, it will be able to instantly terminate the rental commitment without any refund. Animals cannot be left in the apartments in the absence of people capable of looking after them, this in order to avoid possible damage to the structures and disturbance to the other tenants; this condition is essential for pet owners and failure to comply with it, will result in the immediate termination of the contract without any reimbursement and without prejudice to further material damages which will be quantified and deducted from the deposit already paid. Pets must be declared when completing the contract and their owners are subject to the payment of a small supplement for final cleaning which must be carried out according to other methods. If the agency detects the presence of undeclared pets, it will arrange for the customer’s departure to withhold double the ordinary supplement.

  1. Contract resolution –

If the agency discovers that there is an excess number of people with respect to the number declared at the time of booking (including infants and children) and/or in the event of serious non-compliance with the condominium regulations (disturbing noises of any nature, disturbance of the condominiums, etc.), the agency may, at its sole discretion, terminate the contract without any reimbursement, deduct any material damage caused to the apartment and/or common condominium areas from the deposit, with the client being obliged to immediately leave the apartment so far occupied. The agency reserves the right to demand payment of further damages not detected and/or hidden by the customer at the time of the release of the apartment or even after the departure of the same.

  1. Cancellation –

This contract excludes the application of Italian Legislative “Decree 79/2011”, therefore, if he deems it necessary, the customer will stipulate an insurance policy on his own with an insurance company of his choice that covers all direct or indirect risks that may cause the non-enjoyment of the booked stay in order to comply with the payment of the cancellation costs of the reservation indicated below in this paragraph.

Should the client’s cancellation (*) be notified to the agency up to 60 days before the scheduled arrival date, the deposit already paid will be refunded by bank transfer after deducting the cost of the agency practice (**).

– between the 59th day and the 30th day prior to the start date of the stay there will be a refund of 50% of the deposit paid;

– between the 29th day and the 11th day prior to the start date of the stay there will be no refund of the deposit;

– from the 10th day to 19.30 on the day of arrival, “no show”, the client is obliged to pay the full balance of the holiday package within 3 days of the scheduled arrival date. Further, the booked apartment will only remain available to the client until 19.30 on the day of the scheduled arrival date.

(*) Cancellations are accepted only in written form by e-mail from the same e-mail box used for the booking and the refund is made by bank transfer.
(**) The cost of the agency file for cancellation involves a fixed charge of only 20.00 euros which will be deducted from the refunded amount.

  1. Warnings –
    A. Cleaning the apartment: cleaning is an external service provided and carried out by a cleaning company appointed by the agency. If, upon entering the apartment, the customer believes that the rearrangement of the same has not been carried out with sufficient care, he is requested first of all not to personally clean and/or arrange the apartment and immediately call the agency within the hour following the delivery of the keys as long as by 19.00 on the day of arrival, otherwise the following morning; therefore, the cleaning company will restore the service within a reasonable time of one hour for complete customer satisfaction. If the agency remedies the insufficient performance of the cleaning company in the terms set out above, it will not have to compensate the customer for any indemnity.
    B. Beds: in the descriptions of the apartments, the two-seater sofa beds defined as double or twin, when opened can become either a French double bed or become two separate beds even on different levels. Equally with the definition of double bedroom and/or double bed we define in most cases two single beds side by side.
    C. Condominium pools: these are usually open from the beginning of June to the first week of September included. The agency does not manage the swimming pools of the condominium complexes and their use service is arranged by the condominium administrators. In the event of problems due to malfunctions and/or forced interruption of the use of the swimming pools, the agency is not required to reimburse the customer for breach of contract and/or damage of any kind and/or of any nature.
    D. Dimensions of the parking space: The parking spaces have a maximum length of 4.80 m., a maximum width of 2 m. and a height of 1.70 m., unless otherwise indicated in the description of the apartment, therefore if the customer has a car that is so bulky that he cannot use the parking space with respect to the aforementioned measures, he will have to provide otherwise his care and responsibility, as it is absolutely forbidden to occupy other parking spaces with one’s own car.
    E. Condominium parking space or “condominium parking” or “non-guaranteed parking space” that you find in the descriptions does not indicate that the parking space is guaranteed or numbered or assigned because the buildings/residences that have this indication have a number of parking spaces lower than the necessary ones.
    F. Unavailability of reserved parking space: condominium parking lots, although numbered, are not served by controllers or valets. In the event that the parking space reserved for the apartment is illegally occupied by third parties, it should be noted that the agency is not obliged to solve these vicissitudes, it being understood that the agency will listen to the problem in any case. This hypothetical defect is not grounds for a claim for damages or any claim by the customer against the agency, and the customer is prohibited from retaliating by using parking spaces allocated to other housing units.
    G. Technological systems: the agency is not responsible nor liable for any compensation in the following cases: malfunctions of condominium systems such as lifts, boilers for the production of centralized hot water, centralized antennas, and/or various automations and in particular the WI-FI networks where present and that are available free of charge, in the medium and high season they bear loads of use that the internet operators are not able to satisfy and often the connection suffers even long-lasting interruptions. Even though without any responsibility, the agency undertakes to notify the condominium administrators or other external managers of the occurrence of any malfunctions referred to above.
    H. Electricity available power and methods of use: the customer is required to use his own electrical equipment correctly and that is supplied with the apartment, bearing in mind that the 3.0 kWh electricity supply limits the use of an air conditioning unit at a time in the apartments where there is more than one split.
    I. Breakdowns and repairs: any malfunctions or failures of electrical and/or electronic appliances such as dishwashers, air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators (which must be repaired by specialized personnel not available on site), they have an intervention time included within three working days which follow the day following that of notification to the agency, a term within which the agency is not required to make any reimbursement for breach of contract and/or damage of any kind and/or of any nature. As a partial derogation from the above, in order to maintain adequate comfort for the customer’s holiday, it should be noted that faulty fixed-installation air conditioners will be temporarily integrated with portable dehumidifiers unless there are other air conditioning devices in the apartment that make up for the malfunction of one. Non-functioning refrigerators will be temporarily replaced with models with a maximum capacity of 110 liters within 6 hours of notification.
    J. Continuous use of air conditioner: if the customer wishes the continuous use of the air conditioner/s 24/7 (derogation from point 3. Price, paragraph B.) he can ask the agency to deactivate the timed detector by paying the technician who will intervene on site the flat-rate amount of € 25.00 per day.
    K. Construction sites: the agency is relieved of the obligation to inform the client about the existence or establishment of construction sites and/or road improvement works, for which both the noise level and the working hours are already defined by municipal regulations.
    L.Unavailability of the apartment: if due to force majeure such as unavailability, overbooking or other serious causes the booked apartment is no longer available or made unusable during the stay (for example a water leak), it will be replaced with one of the same or higher category and the price list published at the time of booking will act as a comparison criterion; the replacement of the apartment that complies with the above terms, frees the agency from further charges, requests and/or claims by the client in the absence of alternative accommodation or accommodation that does not meet the client’s expectations, the agency will reimburse the customer what has been paid up to now and he will waive any further claim for reimbursement and compensation for any reason, both present and future.
  1. Liability
    A. Reporting of shortages and breakages: the guest assumes the liability to use the properties with care and he commits to report any damages, breakages and missing objects within 12.00 on the day after his arrival, otherwise the guest will be held responsible for them.
    B. Exclusion of insurance coverage: the apartments are not covered by theft/fire insurance, therefore the client will take care, during the stay, not to leave any valuable object inside the rented apartment. The agency is relieved of any responsibility for any missing effects and valuables or money of the customer kept in the rented accommodation.
    C. Use of gas and electrical equipment: the customer undertakes to always close the gas bottle or the main gas shut-off after use and not to leave any personal electrical appliance in operation plugged into the socket in his absence.
    D. Items left in the apartment on departure: objects found in the apartment after the customer’s departure will be deposited in the agency and returned to the owner upon advance payment of the shipping costs by the customer.
    E. Responsibility of the agency for various things of the client: the agency is in no way responsible for damage to vehicles parked in the internal or external condominium areas which are caused by third parties, by flooding or by the accidental fall of branches, pine cones or other objects and not even in the case of theft of bicycles or other objects deposited in the internal or external condominium areas or in the courtyards of the villas.
    F. Bad weather and adverse weather conditions: in case of bad weather, wind and storms, the customer will take care to keep doors and windows closed, close the umbrellas and close the external curtains of the rented apartment as all damage to things and people that may derive from failure to comply with this rule they will be charged.
    G. In the presence of heavy rains, storms, storm surges or meteorological warnings broadcast via radio, television or the web, vehicles parked in underground garages or in any case parked in areas, even outside, below road level, must be temporarily taken out of the garage or car park. In the event of flooding resulting from exceptional weather conditions which in Italy are defined as “natural disasters, causes of force majeure”, the owner of the rented apartment and the condominium do not assume any responsibility nor will they be required to pay any compensation in the event that the vehicle/s owned or used by the customer have not previously been moved outside the internal/box/garage/external area used for parking. The period of time (normally a limited number of hours) in which the customer has not used the parking does not generate any refund of any kind from the agency or the owner of the property.

It is forbidden to smoke inside the apartments and therefore please smoke on the balconies or in the external areas.
It is absolutely forbidden to use power outlets in apartments or condominiums to charge various batteries or electric cars.

It is forbidden to use grills of any kind in the apartments on the balconies, stairs and gardens.
It is forbidden to use transportable whirlpools or other electrical equipment that is not for normal domestic use.


End of rental rules

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